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Bonus offerings will increase your on-line sales by creatively “sweetening the deal”. Bonuses in online casinos come in different forms and amounts, usually depending on what you’re playing and which online casino is giving the bonuses. If this is your first time to encounter casino bonuses, you should know that there are basically two major types of these – the cashable and the non-cashable or what you call the sticky bonuses.

Keith Taft. This man’s photo can be found in the Blackjack Hall of Fame and, despite the fact that his methods are considered illegal ones today, Keith won a lot of money with their help starting from the 199ies. Taft was the true electronic genious and the ardent fan of blackjack. Together with his son Marty, Taft has created such computers as George, Thor, David, etc and the ‘belly telly’ machine, which have been helping them near the blackjack table. He used microphones, video cameras and other innovative methods to win in this game and did it successfully. Now gamblers are not allowed to use electronic devices in casinos because of the Taft’s story. Read the complete interview with Keith Taft It’s very interesting.

Yes, players who lose money in bets may be biased against a particular casino. Just because online casinos are not well commented on a website doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best options. That’s why you have to read some comments on various websites. This will help potential users make better judgments before starting to gamble.