What To Look For In A Legitimate Mover

A legitimate moving company if it is a Tampa mover, a Spring Hill mover, a Ocala mover, a Citrus Springs mover, a Homosassa mover, a Valrico or any mover (regardless of their pricing) will have no problem giving IN WRITING word for word what EXACTLY IS AND IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE QUOTED ALONG WITH ALL ADDITIONAL CHARGES IF ANY. They also will have no problem upon request to give a full listing of all review sites that they are on if any. If they do/will not give it in word for word writing with no stipulations, a list of all reviews sites and referrals upon request(if any) and guarantee the contract for you to sign day of move will be identical YOU DO NOT WANT THAT COMPANY FOR YOUR MOVE. If you are told they are giving you a “Flat Rate” over the phone or hear a phase such as “don’t worry about it its all included” there is a 99.9% it is a lie. The only way a flat rate is given over the phone is with a full inventory list and at that the price will be pending on size and location of move up to thousands more then the cost is thought to be, this is whats known as “blind bidding” a job.

Five Things To Look For

Five things you want to look for on a quote that’s a flat rate are as follows, the words binding estimate, everything spelled out word for word of what was promised for that flat rate, the words flat rate next to the total cost, a inventory list of all your items and in the contract details it states it is a binding flat rate. When you are comparing quotes keep this in mind and do still also do your due diligence as well but it will without question help you avoid most of the bait and switch companies. When it comes to contracts it can get tricky. Some of the bait and switch companies will have some of the additional charges, high cancellation rates and mandatory “company policy” in the estimate sent via email, some will not. For this fact and I can not stress this enough, WHATEVER COMPANY YOU CHOOSE DAY OF MOVE READ THE CONTRACT IN FULL BEFORE YOU SIGN. The bread and butter of most of the bait and switch companies is depending on that you will not read it in full and just sign it. Once you sign all bets are off and it is now legal for them to nail you for everything that is in that contract. The last piece of advice is also the most important, IF THEY DO NOT GIVE IT TO YOU IN SPECIFICALLY DETAILED WRITING DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY.