You Want Tips? We Got Tips!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll make moving day stress free

Let’s start by creating lists:
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get the job done right, know what your going to do and when you’re going to do it.
  • Label your boxes, and remember to pack a “FIRST NIGHT” in your new home kit, for the items you’ll want handy right away.
  • Create an inventory of all items being moved.
  • Photograph your possessions to document description. Make sure the date stamp on your camera is active.
  • Separate high value items from the rest of your possessions and consider, if possible, moving those yourself.
  • Do you really want to take everything? Often times we hold on to stuff that we value for one reason or another but never ever use. Consider donating items to those in need, it will save you money and time on move day. It might even make you feel better about for doing so.
  • Consider the moving supplies you’ll need. You can order from us or purchase locally but you will need supplies, i.e.; tape, scissors, boxes, string, box cutter(s), packing paper, bubble wrap and so on.
  • Keep cleaning supplies and garbage bags handy.
  • Dust masks! This is overlooked all too often, if you are sensitive to dust, its the fastest way to getting sick quick, so protect yourself.
  • Contact all of your utilities; water, electric, gas and cable; alert them of your impending turn-off and or transfer dates.
  • Empty and defrost your fridge at least 24 hours before your move. Purchase a cooler for all your perishables.
  • This is an important and often overlooked step; Keep obstacles clear of pathways so your movers have easy access to all your possessions. Remember not to pile items on large pieces of furniture as those tend to get packed first.
  • Submit forwarding address to the Post Office. You can do this online (link to come soon).
  • Also alert your family and friends of your new address.


That’s is for now but we’ll continue to update this page in our attempt to make all your moves as stress free as possible.

Thank you from all of us at Less Stress Moving.